Watch revealing interviews with industry leaders as they describe their Enneagram Type, how it sabotaged their business success, and how they transformed their Type for dramatic increases in income and quality of life.


Virtual Success Panels

All of the panelists in this "Virtual Panels" series are successful business owners—leaders in their industry—and they will talk about how their Enneagram Type held them back when they were less successful, what their inner transformation looked like, and how they broke through to work with higher caliber clients, created more authentic marketing, and had big increases in income! AND, they also talk about the strengths of their types that they leveraged.

As you come to understand the other enneagram types, you'll learn how to communicate with them more clearly, match them energetically, build rapport with more ease, and close more selling conversations so your income goes up.

The 9 panels (one for each enneagram type) were originally broadcast live as a video webinar.  We recorded each live webinar and when you purchase this series all 9 videos are available to watch immediately online through your membership portal for 6-months.

These are the industry leaders and the Success Panel that they were on:

Type 3 Panel
Sage Lavine,
  Alexis Neely,  Christopher Kyle,  Wrisë Booker

Type 6 Panel
Alex Mandossian
, Michele Pariza Wacek, Dane Maxwell 

Type 9 Panel
Johnathan Bender
, Charlie Bloom, Michael Porcelli, Robert L. Weinberg

Type 1 Panel
Mark Silver
, Kendra Cunov, Pamela Bruner, Kathleen Hennessy

Type 4 Panel
Jeffrey Van Dyke, Bari Tessler, Rose Cole, Samantha Bennett

Type 2 Panel
Eva Gregory, Therese Skelly, Annie Lalla, Anastasia Netri

Type 8 Panel
Rita Hovakimian, Decker Cunov, Reverend Deborah Johnson, Jennifer Russell

Type 5 Panel
Eben Pagan
, Carla King, Sue Paananen, Guy Sengstock

Type 7 Panel
Yanik Silver
, Mindie Kniss, Shankar Hemmady, Christina Daves


“Before I became aware of the limitations of my type 8, I would describe myself as controlling. Controlling my self, my business, my team. I couldn’t just relax and allow things to be because I couldn't really trust. I couldn’t trust my team, I couldn’t trust my clients to really have the success they were seeking. It left me having to work harder and left me more exhausted. I started a practice of letting go of control. I started seeing people as people and no longer objects. Since meeting Ben, there’s a lot more prosperity, joy, freedom and peace in my business and a lot more energy because I am not avoiding it so much in controlling.”

- Rita Hovakimian



All panels are recorded so you can watch anytime you want!


“Before I did my inner work on the type 6, I used to be unconsciously run by the most devious, hard to track down patterns. I sought safety in business success, I sought safety in women, safety in being significant and I didn’t know I was unconsciously doing it. I didn’t even know I wanted safety, which is driving need of a 6. Now that I have done this work, I am no longer seeking safety in these places, I am no longer exhausted, I am now aligned with being safe in myself and through that creating safety through my organization, my employees, my customers and I am exponentially happier!!”

- Dane Maxwell


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Virtual Success Panels

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