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“Transformational Coaching with the Enneagram”

In this course you get to develop the skills and “being” to do deeper level, transformational coaching with your clients. As you watch all nine Enneagram Panels the motivations, fears, avoidance patterns, and emotional reactivity of the types is revealed to you.

You will learn to ACCELERATE TRANSFORMATION IN ALL THE TYPES as you discover the best spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical practices for each type. Get new videos every 30 days that model “depth inquiry” so you become masterful with supporting clients in revealing their inner world and feeling and healing whatever emerges from the process! 

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You can join our Breakthrough Coaching Video Sessions twice a month with me and ask your questions, receive some of the newest teachings, or get some laser coaching. If being on video is a bit much for you, there is always the option of calling in on the phone so other people can’t see you!
(VALUE: $4,800)


Welcome to our private facebook community where you can ask questions about the process, or your type for the community (I’m in there all the time too so questions for me are welcome too!)
(VALUE: $1,200)


Get instant access to all nine panels of these industry experts and learn about the types! These thought leaders participated in a set of “Virtual Success Panels” where they revealed their inner world and their own Enneagram transformations and how it lead to their business success.  
(VALUE: $497)


Your relationship with money can either welcome Abundance and Prosperity into your life, or push it away. As you do your inner emotional and spiritual work around your relationship with money you will find that you can stand more firmly in your value, increase your rates, charge what your worth, and receive with more Ease.

In this program you get to experience a full round of a process we call “Shadow-Light Integration” where you explore, embrace and Love up an aspect of your shadow, and step fully into as aspect of the Divine within. This process often creates profound openings and states of expanded consciousness.
(VALUE: $997)



Many of us feel are repelled by selling techniques that feel based on hype or manipulation.  In this training I’m teaching a coach how to sell using authenticity, connection, and sincere inquiry to see if there is a match between his offering and what the client needs. You will learn these invaluable skills as we walk through the process together. What would change in your business if you felt better, and more aligned, in your selling conversations?
(VALUE: $3,500)

Total Bonus Value = $11,994!

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